About HiQ

HiQHiQ founding principle: You deserve the best
HiQ Computers was founded in 1986 based on the idea that technology users deserve the highest quality products available combined with top-notch service and support. As a leading provider of customized technology solutions, we have never lost sight of our founding principles. 

Helping our clients convert technology into value
We lead in the delivery of the industries most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software and storage. We convert advanced technologies into value for our customers through our customized solutions, services and consulting worldwide. We help our clients justify return on investment, lower the cost of ownership, and increase network availability. We can simply be there when you need that extra helping hand.  

HiQ has extensive experience providing IT services to organizations and businesses large and small. HiQ has built successful service relationships with many cities and towns in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We combine more than 30 years of IT service and support experience with an in depth knowledge of current technologies to service our customers.  Our unwavering belief that customers deserve individual attention has allowed us to maintain a long and successful history of working with businesses, schools, hospitals, local government and law enforcement agencies.

We are confident the service we provide will exceed all your expectations. Your business and ours depend on it.