Installation & Administration

HiQ will evaluate your current server and workstation environment assess your future needs and provide the following services:
  • Physical device installation Instead of dedicating productive internal staff to equipment unpacking our onsite technicians can:
  • Accept delivery of your equipment at our procurement center
  • Enter it into our asset tracking system
  • Delivery them to your specified locations
  • Place it in your cabinet, rack, shelf, cage or desk and cubicles
  • Dispose of any packing materials
Total Client Administrative Support
When time and skills are in short supply, our standard managed support service allows you to delegate routine management of your servers via VPN or onsite service. This enables your personnel to focus on resolving complex issues and developing new applications. The service includes initial system configuration, day-to-day system administration and server and workstation support. HiQ assumes a proactive role in responding to any alerts. Total Client Support is available in different tiers, so you can select the level of assistance that best matches your in-house skill and resource needs.